Connie's Post-hospital update

I just got out of the hospital on Thursday…my AVM headaches went haywire and it was a ver scary time. I had a spinal tap on Saturday night and they told me that if they found blood, I was being ambulanced off to Columbia Presbyterian in NYC for craniotomy. Thank you,dear Lord, no blood! They kept me in the hospital for five days getting the pain under control. I’m not quite myself yet, but am very, very happy to be back home with my family!

It hurts to focus on the computer for long, so am doing this in short spurts for now via my blog. The good part of being unable to deal th light and sound all that time was time for reflection that has helped me understand some things better. See…always a silver lining! LOL

To all our new members who joined this week, I look forward to getting to know you when I’m feeling stronger.

Love, Connie

I’m so glad your back with us, we missed u bunches! Take care of yourself!

Welcome back!

Hi Connie, Welcome home! So happy you didn’t have a bleed. Take time to recoup…just happy your home in the loving arms of you family!
Sending Angel light and love…d

Good to see you back Connie,look after yourself ok,
Take care,Theo


So happy to hear you are back home. Take it easy now.


Connie, Connie, Connie
Hallelujah TKU Jesus – you are back sister!
I am telling you the folks on this board depend way too much on you and the fact
of the matter is your absence was sorely missed and very evident of course!
I hope things are going better. And do me a favor, as tempting as it may sound girlfriend,
do not push yourself too much. Allow your brain to rest and heal. Sometimes all of the minutae
on the computers are way too much for us-- and you are in a delicate state right now. So take your
time ok? And I’m sure you’ll also be happy to know there were many who had you lifted in prayer. The fact of the matter is you have your work cut out for you on this Board. I really think Between you, Liam and Marilyn (The Welcoming Committee of AVM Survivors), there is so much to do and so
many people to touch. You can already see the growth this Board has experienced. ANd I will remind you too – your attitude and your sense of humor are contagious. You just have a tendency of encouraging or lifting someone else all of the time and with a joyful spirit. Connie that is so hard to do for the majority. But your sweet spirit I know is affecting others in a positive way. SO don’t ever give up and know everyone here not only needs you but loves you too. SO be good, stay out of trouble and I will keep in touch periodically. Got lots going on-- I will be taking Charlie back to Pitt on Monday to See Drs. Kassam and Horowitz at UPMC Presbyterian about his Chiari. We’ll see what they have to say. My guess is not much, but Charlie really needs the psychological reassurance that he’s doing everything he supposed to on bith counts – the AVM and the Chiari I. And on top of that I have a 14 years old who qualified to compete at Men’s JO Naiotnals in Michigan, and the 2 girls that ride horses and are attending shows out of town (I’m the driver) plus Sutherlyn plays soccer as well (that’s the 3rd born). Many times I feel horribly that I don’t have more time to spare
to get to meet people and more words of encouragement here. But I will get better.

Connie God keep you safe and may you feel His arms of comfort around you always with His presence always near you. Love you bunches, Nora :slight_smile:

OMG i had no idea you were in the hospital. gosh girl, take care.