Change of plans

Leaving hospital today after 2nd embolization was suppose to have the 3rd and craniotomy in 3 1/2 week but instead will be having a few more embolizations before craniotomy. He was to knock down some more feeders. Happy that he’s being though.


How are you feeling? That is good they will do some more embolisms before cutting you open. I was lucky and my last angio some how it sealed itself.


Thank you Angela. Not bouncing back as quickly this time but I’m sure it will get better. I trust my doctor he knows a little more than It’s just been a long year.

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You’re having quite a journey, aren’t you?! Sounds like you’ve got a lot to do, and its tough in those in-between stages.

I agree thoroughness and steady progress would tick my boxes, rather than any sense of shoot now and ask questions afterwards.

Hang in there!

Very best wishes,


Kell not sure if you know but they use iodine and radiation during the procedures- I am allergic to Iodine and learned on here from some one else about the radiation. I get very sick after and takes awhile for my body to detox all that stuff
I do get this water from Trader Joes Gerolsteiner that has the most minerals that really helps me feel better-

Listen to your body and take as much time as you need to heal-

Hope you feel better


Thank you Richard and Angela. I am aware of what they used during procedures. I think when I saw my list of appointments through January 2018 it was a little overwhelming with not feeling well this time. I just have to be flexible and go with the course of action.

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