Change of plan

After this morning of getting an IV and prepping for surgery my surgeon came to tell me that he would not be doing my surgery because my AVM is too close to my motor strip. So back to monitoring and MRI in 6months . Such a roller coaster ride. I am thankful he made the right decision it’s just so draining.

Wow, well that’s an intense change of plans. I would agree that’s it probably for the best and potentially saved you from a bad result. But now what? Do you have symptoms from your AVM?

I have seizures and an aneurysm because of my AVM.

Gosh, Kell, you’ve definitely ridden the rollercoaster this year!

I’m sorry it can’t be brought to a better conclusion but I guess the neuro is giving you honest advice that the risks of intervention are just not worth it.

Very best wishes for Christmas and the year ahead. Lots of love,


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Thank you Richard.

Hi Kell,

Im sorry to hear you got so prepared for the surgery for it to be cancelled, you must be feeling a whirl wind of emotions.

I hope they will find an alternative more safe plan of treatment for your AVM soon.

Best wishes that the upcoming Christmas and new year celebrations bring you some comfort and you have a lovely time :christmas_tree:



Wow Kell, quite a change of plans at the last minute, frustrating I’m sure, but we sure all want the best possible outcomes. I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and hope for all the best in the new year. Take Care, John.

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