Cement Truck Passing - anyone had this?

Hey all,

Here’s the story from this afternoon. I was at a four way traffic light going south. Window was down because it was a balmy 44 degrees (hey, that’s better than the windchill of 9 we had in Michigan last weekend). A cement truck was in the left turn lane going east and turned to go north - so he went right in front of me.

As he got closer and got louder, my head started feeling wobbly. I call it the “cruise ship on kind of high waves” wobbly. Not out and out dizzy spinning in circles but feeling like the floor is moving like on a boat. It got worse and worse until he was right next to me (maybe 20 feet away) and then as he drove away, the feeling gradually faded.

I get it very often that loud environments make my head feel that way, but I’ve never had it where a particular loud noise does it for only a short time.

Any thoughts?

I haven’t had anything closely related to that Tom, but there is certain frequencies that I find painfully loud that others don’t. Could be somewhat related:

Hyperacusis (or hyperacousis) is a debilitating hearing disorder characterized by an increased sensitivity to certain frequencies and volume ranges of sound (a collapsed tolerance to usual environmental sound)

It is in the higher frequencies for me as some claim I have some hearing loss in the human vice range…Take Care, John

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John, My hearing in my left ear had been “barely” above the “hard of hearing line” and since the embolization, the lower frequency only dropped a small amount (10 to 20%) but the slope of the graph as it moves to higher frequencies looks like the side of a mountain - and the higher frequencies (like my 16 year old daughter’s voice) are down about 70%. That’s why sometimes I can hear music on the radio - but I can’t identify it because I can only hear the lower notes and the lower voices.

I found it very interesting/disappointing that inner ear damage can lead to essentially permanent noise sensitivity. Mine actually makes things sound higher than they are - the sound of truck tires on a rainy road sounds like a dentist drill right near my ear.

I’m supposed to get “musicians earplugs” next week that will hopefully help filter some of that out and also hopefully reduce the headaches and wobbliness that I feel when things get too lound.

At this point, I can’t say that I’m particularly sensitive to certain frequencies - with the exception of about once a day, things must line up such that my own voice travels through the bones in my skull and hurts my head something fierce. Fortunately it doesn’t happen more than usually once a day.

Thanks! Keep in touch, this is good.


yes; sharp sounds shoot through my head like a lightning bolt and have triggered auras; I too bought some musician type ear plugs that reduce high frequency sounds.