Can you do MRI if you have coils?

My doctor used coils to obliterate the AVM.
Is it safe to do MRI if you have coils?

Doctors have debated that question for years and the question always ends up being answered, “it depends” - depends on where the coils are, where the focus of the MRI is, where the coils are and also the never ending “risk vs return” question. Is the risk of something going wrong (aka a coil comes loose) worse or better than not getting the information from the MRI. Does that make sense?

Hope that helps - if I can do anything else, let me know…


P.S. I’ve had numerous MRI’s with a boat load of coils and I’m relatively okay. LOL

OK I will add this to my doctor when I see him.

When I had an MRI once post op, the radiographer wouldn’t do the scan until they knew on my record exactly what I had in my head, including batch numbers (I think). So long as they know what you’ve got in there, an appropriate risk assessment can be done.

I don’t have any coils, only glue, but they wouldn’t risk anything and preferred to get a report from the original hospital as to exactly what was in there.

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