Botox shots to help with tone in arm and leg does it work?

well my ot and pt keep saying i need to ask my doctor to give me botox shots to help with the tone in my arm and legs they both say it would make the rehab better for me just was wondering has any body had to deal with this issue? and does the botox shots work? i did some research on it and it seems to have a positive affect on people

Yes! I had six shots in my left leg, & it did help. It loosened everything up becuz my muscles were so tight from so many months of disuse. They are a fortune though, so I’d make sure ur insurance can cover it before you go ahead with it. I think each shot was like a thousand bucks or something. My insurance completely covered it, I think, but if your doesn’t, I’m not sure if you’d want to go ahead with it.

do you hsve to get the shots ever 3 months now? or did you just get it one time