Bluetooth & cellphones

can it be true that bluetooth headset, or radiation coming from the cellphone would have a negative effect on a patient recovering from AVM? Please share your thoughts. I just recall that a day after Joel’s radiation, he answered an incoming call of his friend then after hanging up he suddenly fell and had seizure.

Hi Jane and Joel!
I actually recently read an article about that. The findings were that people who had a "sensitive brain" were indeed prone to have a seizure by exposed cell phone exposure! The study is still going on, but it was indeed found that on some cases, the devices triggered seizures! I wish I had a better answer for you, but your thoughts make sense! I tried to find it on google for you to read, but was not able to find it!!

Hi Jane & Joel,

It is true that cell phones emit powerful radiations. Though I do not want to comment on the technical details on how it affects the brain, it is for sure usage of cell phones by a person with AVM history must be avoided.

I am myself after 13 yrs of surgery still very very sensitive to cell phone usage. I feel very tired & fatigued if I had continuous cell phone conversations for say 15 mins. My eyes get tired, my vision gets blurred, my blood pressure increases, my breathing pattern changes, I would have to drink a glass of water & then lie down for 5 mins to feel better.

In short - it is advisable to avoid cell phone usage as much as realistically possible. I have also read articles on internet. They suggest when it is unavoidable, please use the speaker phone, that way the radiations are lesser.

Bangalore, India.