Blood donation

Hello, I have a question. I was diagnosed with AVM a few months ago in my brain and I still have it since it is small, in a good position and haven’t bled yet, and my question is can I donate blood (it would be the first time for me)? Because I’m not sure if I can expect complications

Hi Camille, Great question that I am unsure on the answer, I think it would be best given that everyone’s circumstances are different and no 2 AVM’s will be the same in any detail, To ask your doctors (Even the local one not your AVM doctor) for advice, Since they have all the information based on you, your health and your AVM, they would be best in giving you this medical based advice. Thanks


Well I donated blood after my AVM surgerys. I was to young to donate blood during my AVM. At age 16 they said it was ok to do after that. Just be safe and check with your doctors first. My blood type is O- universal witch is good and bad can donate to almost every body but all I can take is O- and I needed some for all my surgeries lucky I have a lot of family with the same type.