Bleed two years post Gamma Knife

My right frontal lobe AVM was diagnosed on MRI in 2/15 during a headache evaluation. I had a GammaKnife procedure in 4/15 with good results. Some mild radiation necrosis was discovered on MRI follow up after 9 months. I had MRI follow up every six months and AVM was shrinking as expected. I was scheduled to undergo an angiogram to confirm the AVM was gone in 6/17. In 4/17, the AVM ruptured and I had a stroke. I had an emergency embolization followed by a resection to remove the AVM. I spent 10 days in ICU, followed by two weeks in a rehab hospital. I remember nothing from the day I had the stroke until I was transferred to the rehab hospital. My son’s college admission essay is about my stroke, so I have learned much about the experience as seen through his eyes. I completed inpatient and at-home OT, PT, and Speech therapies. I had one droopy eyelid, but no other physical effects of the stroke. During my recovery period, I was very tired. By all accounts, I am doing extremely well. I returned to work full time, and resumed all “duties” (household , parenting, etc.) 3 months post surgery. The only residual effects I seem to have are a numb scalp, slightly slower thinking, a dislike of red wine, and occasional apathy…I know that I am VERY lucky to have had fantastic care and a great recovery. I am looking forward to a hopefully worry-free and healthy future with my husband and four kids.


Welcome to our site! Its fantastic you’re here. It sure looks like quite the adventure you have had! I’m so happy to hear the results are so favourable given what you’ve faced. I’ve had a bleed and one batch of gamma so far, and hope that will be all. Your story is so positive, back to work after three months, wow. Take care and so happy you’re here, you certainly bring a wealth of experience to us!