Battles (poem about how i feel)

Hey everyone I wrote this last night. Going through alot but I know I can get through it… I will win this battle… Tell me what ya think…

Battles lost, battles won, no matter what I will stay strong. Going through this pain for so long is wrong. Physical pain, emotional pain, it all makes me want to go insane. I learned alot about myself and my “friends”. Who is true, I had no clue people could be so heartless, selfish, and cruel. I’m worth more than that and thats a fact. If you treat me poorly you’re bound to get smacked. Truth is this all happened for a reason. All this pain and suffring is just here for a season. I WILL get through this battle, nothing will stand in my way. I’d just like to say there will come a day where I will be able to say “I made it through!!” I will cry no more tears, there will be no more fears. The battles been WON! If I could sing I would sing a song. I WILL FOREVER STAY STRONG!!!

By Brittany Wilson :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks for sharing!

Hi Brittany. Thank you for sharing. I shared this video with another friend on here…

Awww thanks guys!!! awww great video Barbara!! :slight_smile:

You’ve got skills!

Very good!

AWWW thanks guys!!! :smiley:

Excellent! Thank you!

thank you!!! it feels good to write again