Back from tip #7 in Denver

Hey everyone! Just wanted to say that I am back from Denver and that the treatment went very well. I feel great and am only slightly swollen this time around. That is a nice change from last time when my eye was shut and I was the drool queen!!! :slight_smile:

I’ve updated my blog and my Denver Trip #7 on my website with a more detailed summary of the trip. But really, everything went well and I’m glad to be back home and can sleep in my own bed! I think it will only be a few days before I get my energy back and am feeling “normal.”

This trip was great because I got to meet Cyndi, another Yakes patient with a much more extensive facial AVM (she makes me feel like a wimp!) We have been emailing for about a month, and I think we both really enjoyed our meeting, albeit a quick one!

Thanks for all the well wishes from eveyone! You guys are the best!


Hi Shalon
Thats good you got to meet Cyndi its aslways good to meet someone who understands what you’re going through.
Glad the treatment was better this time around for you, take care.

Welcome back, Shalon. I’m glad your treatment went so wll this time!

Love, Connie