AVM Surgery Tomorrow

Just one more day of waiting and worrying. Surgery scheduled for tomorrow to remove avm. Still scared to death of this surgery but really just want all this to be over. I'm trying my best to be positive about the whole situation but the closer it gets the more scared I get. I guess, as the song goes, what will be will be! Today just waiting for the call to tell me what time to be there tomorrow....hoping it's early so I don't have too much time to think about it.

Good wishes and prayers coming your way, Cheryl! I can't wait to hear you tell us that you are AVM-free!

Hugs, Connie

If you are into music, I suggest you take an MP3 or similar--you'll have lots of waiting time even before surgery.

Helps afterwards as well.

Best wishes,
ron, ks

You are in my thoughts and prayers, Cheryl! Soon you will be AVM-Free!

Sending best wishes, good thoughts your way Cheryl! :)

Pls try and stay positive - u will get rid of that awful AVM in ur head - and everything will be ok - u will be fine.....Take care pls XXXXXXXX hugs ur way

Very best wishes to you Cheryl. Please share your AVM free news with us as soon as you're able!

good luck! i hope all goes well :)

I am now almost three weeks post surgery. I was also very scared and didn’t know what to expect but I promise it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I felt more sick from the embos than the surgery. I had my surgery on Thursday and was home by Saturday. Make sure to rest and listen to your body! Let me know if you have any questions. I will say a prayer for you!

Thanks everybody for the good wishes and for keeping me in your prayers. Have to be at the hospital at 6am tomorrow morning. If all goes well I'll let you all know how I'm doing by Friday or Saturday. Thanks again!!!

I just said a quick prayer for you! Best of luck! It is time to get rid of this AVM!

Will say an extra prayer for you and for the Neuro Surgeon and staff that is performing your surgery. Best of luck to you!

Well I wish you the best I just had my AVM remove 3 months. Mines was 3 inches long. How big is yours? If you don't mind me asking? I hope the best for you Cheryl

Prayers go out to you and your surgeon. Keep us posted on your progress.

Im sure everything is just fine...please keep us posted and our prayers are with you. God bless

Well all ready to go....Will be glad when this is all over. Didn't sleep much. Thanks again everybody for all the good wishes and prayers. Will post as soon as possible.

I woke up early and my first thought was was to check this site…you are not alone today! I will be PRAYING
for you! Just remember we are Survivors here not victims! You are meant to be here! Positive thoughts and wishes for you today!


Know that you and your neurosurgeon will be in my thoughts and prayers. You will be in excellent hands, with good, caring people. You will be fine.


Hi Cheryl!

By the time you read this your surgery will be behind you and you will be on the road to recovery and AVM-FREE :))!

Till then, you will continue to be in my prayers for complete healing and God Bless!


Lots of positive energy and thoughts your way. It's a piece of cake, just lay back and relax.