AVM Specific Radio Show Called "AVM Live" to Premier January 10th at 8pm Central

Hi Folks,

As a few folks here know, I have been doing a morning radio show(music) for about 4 years now. My audience has grown, and it is turning into a real meaningful and successful part of my life. And I'm blessed to have a few of you that listen to it. Before my AVM I was a part-time musician, and being involved in radio has been almost therapeutic for me.

For some time I really have been trying to figure out how to best help my fellow AVM'ers in an active way. Unfortunetly like many AVM folks, I have some real physical problems, most due to the major stroke I suffered during the bleed and brain surgery. I lost use of a lot of my left side, including total loss of my left arm and hand. Hince, I type totally with my right hand. That limits me a lot, especially as related to typing much and responding a lot on this website. Traveling isn't easy too. Though I am grateful to be able to do that some, and am fortunate to have met a good number of you at our Texas AVM functions.

This brings me to my main point. I have long toyed with an AVM specific radio show for some time. Sometime in the past I had heard one, but to my knowledge, they have been more brain injury specific. And I had not been happy with the software company that you pretty much had to use, because it limits you on being able to ever play any music legally(I'm a stickler for this as I own a radio station and must stay FCC legal). So last week, I just happened to get an email from a company that offers the software that is required to do this. I signed up, and gave it a whirl, and well, it's time for me to do what I am best at, host a radio show specifically for AVM'ers. This is my calling...

The show will be called "AVM Live". It will air for now on Thursday Nights at 8pm Central. It will last two hours, and will be on my radio station "KFEE-Digital Radio & TheMorningCoffeeMix . It will be a combination of talk, interviews, and music. We will talk about things that matter to AVM'ers and their families. And It's commercial free, I'm not in this for the money. So I just wanted to let you all know. I will do the first broadcast on Thursday Night January 10th at 8pm Central. The call in number is 313-736-KFEE (313-736-5333). I will be in the chat room here on the avmsurvivors.org web site during the broadcast to make it easy to interact with you all, and as mentioned you can call in and participate by talking about the subjects at hand, and/or simply sharing what you are going through, and even requesting a song of encouragement for your AVM family. So that's it, let's do this bad boy:)


James Larken Smith

That is fantastic James! I will put it on my calendar. You are an amazing support for the Network!

Rock on!