Avm removal

Just wanted to post on here to thank everyone for thier support when my mums avm ruptured may this year. We have been back to see mums neuro vascular surgeon and he confirmed all of the avm has been removed!! So glad I found this site it’s been so helpful just have to hope my mums speech comes back now. I wish everyone luck and good health xxxx


Great news! My mom had her AVM rupture 9/21 and her craniotomy 10/10 and it was all removed. Does she have any side effects since the surgery? My mom still can’t see very well

Well after her bleed she was paralysed on the right side couldn’t swallow hardly open her mouth and all speech and language was lost amongst other things. She got her right side back but with weakness about 6 weeks after the bleed before the surgery and can still only say limited words but she did not suffer any extra deficits after the surgery. She’s amazing love her so much. How is ur mum doing its so hard seeing someone u love go through this isn’t it xx