Avm in buttocks and pregnancy

Hello everyone my name is holly I was born with a strawberry birthmark on my right buttocks which I found out when I was 18 that it was more then a birthmark the Dr said it was a hemangomia and that nothing could be done for it. 4 eas ago I got a new primary Dr and he didn’t like the way it looked he sent me to a Dr in Rochester ny that’s when I found out it was an arm. It is branched off my federal artery it is also wrapped around my uterus and colon. I’m now 30 and would to have a child but not sure if it is possible if any one can help or even give me some advice it would be very helpful.

Hi Holly,

I was born with a very large birthmark on my right upper thigh, abdomen, and buttocks. My parents were told it was a birthmark and that they should be thankful it was not on my face. When I was 18 it was discovered that it was a very large AVM. At that time my upper leg was about 3 inches bigger than the left leg. I had surgery to remove it (1977 & 78) I am very lucky that nothing bad happened and it did not fix the vascular issue. After that I consulted with several doctors and had a arteriogram. I don't know how involved it was with my uterus. I have had 4 children and went to a high risk pregnancy center. I know during my first pregnancy everyone was on high alert and I had a lot of care during labor and delivery. Everything went smoothly and I went on to have 3 additional children. My upper right thigh continued to grow...hormones apparently can cause that. I delivered all 4 vaginally. In the mid 1990's I had 2 embolizations because doctors felt that they could decrease the size of the AVM. Nothing really changed. We moved to the Wisconsin area 18 years ago and I had not done anything about my leg. It is now 10 inches bigger than the other one. I had some slight lower back pain this fall and my internist sent me for a CT scan. She suggested that I probably should have a specialist look at my AVM. I still have no major pain, I am able to exercise and have a very active life style. I am currently seeing a doctor that I found on this site and am discussing options that I might consider. I have also seen a cardiologist (because of a suggestion to see if my heart is affected) and the cardiologist has also said that I should consider further treatment. I am currently schedule to have a MRI and Echo and then an arteriogram. I have a great faith and I stay positive. I don't let this get me down. None of my children have an AVM and so far none of my grandchildren do ( I only have one with another on the way) My husband has been a great support and is very positive also. I am 56 and am very excited to see my next grandchild!

Hi holly.
i have an avm on my eyelid which i had embolised with onyx and then surgically removed. i have had one child and noticed some regrowth in the avm but not to the extent that it was b4. Unfortunately its hard to predict what will happen during pregnancy and some people seem to experience more growth than others.the increased blood flow and circulating hormones play a part in this. i had a c section to deliver my baby as the doctors were concerned a natural delivery may have caused a rupture. there are many of us with extremity avms that have had children and many that have been advised against it.
i hope you manage to get some good advise from your doctors

caro xx

Thank you so much this has helped. This website has given me hope.

Thank you so much this has given me hope.

I have an avm in my pelvis and was also told due to the increased hormones pregnancy would be difficult but was never told it was impossible. I plan to try very soon and will just hope for the best. I have daily pain some days worse than others but a child will be worth the added pain. The only advice I can give is to find the best vascular drs and high risk Obgyn that you can ask questions and advocate for yourself so you can make the best decision for yourself don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.