Avm bleed

Hi everyone hope all doin well I am a mess and all over the place. While waiting for surgery date my wife’s Avm has ruptured on mon. I rushed her to hospital which they where able to stop her massive bleed with meds and stabilize her. I was then able to transfer her to the hospital which her neurosurgeon is He told me she had a massive bleed with a three inch blood clot and they had to operate they first did ct scan then angiogram then operation to remove the blood clot and relieve the pressure they said surgery went well and they left a drain tube in incase of something else. She is recovering from this and has vision field loss in both eyes which we knew prior do to how close the Avm was to the vision. She also is having a hard time with memory don’t know if this is normal Also they said they are giving time for the brain to relax and next tues an embolisation. And then thurs removal of Avm Wow what an emotional roller coaster this is she shows small signs of improvements but will this all start over again due to another surgery. Doctors can’t ans any question until it’s all over not sure what has been or will be effected until second op all I can do is pray I’m tryin to stay strong for her this also happened mon morning in front of our two little girls and I am trying to be there for them wow this is crazy

Hi John,

Very sorry to read about your troubles and your Wife's bleed. It is awful to go through this. I think I can say that we are all with you. There will be some confusion at first as to what as happened but it will settle down soon I am sure as the doctors get a handle on it and get it treated.

I hope all goes well - it is wonderful what can be done, please have hope - I know it is difficult though at the moment.The embolisation will stop the problem and removing the AVM should solve things once and for all - thank goodness it is accessible as many are deep in the brain.

My thoughts are with you and your family


Thank you Chris

John, Stay Strong & Positive...I had a massive brain hemorrhage 7 years ago. I can tell you that although I have some issues, I'm doing fine.

Stay positive. Please keep us informed on your wife's progress and please know we are here to support you and your wife!

Hi John, Sorry also to hear about your sad news, The brain is a wonderful but also fragile thing and I know that after my last surgery I also had issues like speech problems, but after the brain swelling went down and given lots of rest I was fine again. All I'm trying to say is to keep hope in your heart and know that small miracle like things happen every day all over the world, Just try stay positive for both you and your wife :) , The surgeons dealing with your wife will be able to offer the best advise you on the treatments/recovery and also Take care and I really do hope she gets much better and her AVM is treated also.

Thank you so much it’s just so overwhelming you can do all the research and still never prepAred for what is happening. There are so many questions but time can only answer them I guess that is the frustrating part I am trying to be strong and positive and get ready for the next step I guess some good news is they told me that since the first surgery the drain has been clamped and the pressure has been good so they are going to remove it today so they can try and get her up out of bed. I know everyone and every Avm is different but does that foggy memory come back? Also they had put drops in her eyes before surgery will that too give her some blurred vision or do I just have to wait and see I pray everyday and wish I could trade places with her. Thank you all for the support