Avastin to reduce brain swelling?

Hello all,

My radiologist is now concerned with the amount of brain swelling I have for being 7 months post cyber knife and has suggested getting 3-4 infusions of a drug called Avastin (Bevacizumab)???
It apparently isn’t a permanent fix, more like a band-aid but will reduce most if not all of the brain swelling for a certain amount of time so I can get off the steroids in the meantime. It could keep the swelling away for good or it could come back, he said he doesn’t see it come back often but it can.This is apparently used for cancer patients but is very successful in reducing brain swelling. Has anyone heard of this? I am hesitant. I;ve never heard of an AVM patient using it either. Thanks!

Brain swelling is not good so any drug that would reduce the swelling would likely be better than surgery. I haven’t heard of Avastin but if it works to reduce the swelling it should be a good temporary fix. I had brain swelling due to my avm blocking my spinal fluid and the steroids that I had to take had some serious side effects so if these have less side effects…


Thanks for your input! Yeah I am still continuing to look into it. My radiologist and neurologist are both communicating to see how they feel about it. I think I will most likely end up taking it