I am Leandra Cohen and I had a avm and bled at the age of 4. The part where was removed was speaking writing and reading was. Now I am having more issues with my aphasia. And I am 27. Will this get worst as my life goes on brcause of the scar tissue I really don’t want to have surgery again! Thanks

Hi, Leandra! Welcome to this site! I'm so proud of you having survived the AVM and surgery. If your aphasia is getting worse, please consult your MD and see if you can get him to order an ST consult. Perhaps he/she can help you with your aphasia. Wish you the best. Take care.

Leandra, I had my brain rupture when I was 57 and have aphasia because of the damage on the left temporal lobe.

Do you feel that your aphasia is different now than it was when you were younger?

It has been 7 years since my rupture and my aphasia has stayed the same...perhaps I've improved some.

Thank you prissy I will. And Lousisa I also have epilepsy from the rupture that I had. I have had two granda mal seizsures but I also have partial sezisurex which happen about everyday. The partial seizsures have effected my aphasia a lot. So yes it has been different for about 5 years. But I didn’t know I was having partial seizsure until about 4 years ago. So if the scare tissue closes the hole in my brain I reslly hope it doesn’t make more sezisures or have more problem with aphasia

Leandra, there is a subgroup here for members with aphasia: http://www.avmsurvivors.org/group/aphasia-friends. You may find joining the group helpful.

I am so sorry for the brain rupture Louisa. It was really scary. Thank you so much Trish and thank you Ninibeth. This helps a lot