Anyone familiar with sensory integration dysfunction?

Hello all of you

I am going to rehabilitation for a while now. One of the therapists I meet is a occupational therapist. She thought I had sensoy integration dysfunction. I had some tests done last friday, wich confirmed that I have sensory integration dysfunction. It mostely occurs at people who had a whiplash, so the therapist is not sure if the therapy is going to help me.

I am having a lot of problems with lights and sounds. I can't filter things that come in properly.
I am clumsy and forget how to do daily activities sometimes.
I burn my hands a lot under the hot water, it seems like I am noticing that the water is to hot TO LATE.
I am dealing with dizziness, and sometimes I have this strange tinteling feeling in one of my arms.
These are some of the symptoms I have .

I also have big problems with my concentration and memory, I had neuropsychological tests done, I'll get the results today. But I can also have these concentrationproblems because of the sensory integration dysfunction, and a lack of concentration can lead to memory problems to.

I am really worried, I hope that the therapy will help because I would like to go to university next year.

I just like to know if someone is familiar with this problems and the therapy.

Thanks a lot

Melissa, I have many of the symptoms you are describing but always attributed it to medication side effects. Do Cavernous Malformation’s cause sensory integration dysfunction? Keep us posted. I am interested in learning more. Headaches. Now this. How are you holding up? George

Heey George
I don't know if Cavernous malformation can cause this disorder, I think it is an result of the embolizations and having 'things' in my head that are not supposed to be there. I never had these problems, untill my embo in August 2011. I am doing ok. I am on beta blockers now that supress my headaches a little bit. But this integration disorder is a pain in the ***.
How are you doing? Have you made a decision about using anti-seizure meds yet?

Melissa, how is the rehabilitation going? Please keep us up on your progress. I hope you can find others who have sensory integration dysfunction so that they can share their experiences. We're here to support you. Hang in there. George

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