Anybody with left occipital lobe AVM close to vision centre?

wondering if anyone has the same as me.... AVM under 2cms in the left occipital lobe, just above the vision section. the bleed i had last june has permanently injured my vision, leaving me blind in the lower right quadrant of my right eye.
having the AVM embolised next thursday, and craniotomy to remove the following wednesday.
anybody with a similar experience?
did you experience further visionary damage post op?
what was recovery like?

is there sensitivity to light/loud noises?
how did you manage the pain?

thanks :D getting nervous now!

oh and how long did your surgery last!!!

My avm was very similar, only on the right side. It damaged the lower peripheral vision of both my eyes after it bled. Your loss of vision is probably in both eyes but because the one eye really only sees the side of the nose it isn’t noticed so much. After my crainiotimy, about 8 hours, the recovery was pretty rapid considering what an invasive surgery it is. The vision is still lost because the nerves were damaged so badly. Not to say that will be your case though. My surgeon, Dr Jabbour of Thomas Jefferson, told me that your body still heals for 6 months post op. However, any side effects after that will be permanent. It is amazing how the body adjusts to these side effects though. I am grateful that I only have a few that I have learned to live with. The worst part is not being able to drive. I do have sensitivity to lights and certain loud noises or repetitive noises. Overall, I feel good about myself and I have tried my best to stay positive and know that this is the path God has meant for me to be on. I know at first finding all of this out is over whelming and scary, but trust that you are in good hands with the neurosurgeons. I think you will be surprised, as I was, how the body adjusts. I’m not saying immediately this will happen, but it def will. As for pain, there was some post op pain and every now and then I get pain at the spot of the surgery, but it was not at all what I thought it was going to be. It has been 2 years since mine and it is something you never get over. I am so much more appreciative of my loved ones and life in general. I will be praying for you and just keep a good support system around you. Take it easy.

My daughter's was in the same area as yours, and she lost most of center-to-the-right in both eyes. However, all these years it has appeared to her to be center-to-the-right in her right eye (because the brain compensates for the "black space" in the left eye).

She drives, lives her life fully, etc. Occasionally bumps into something on the right, but not much.

She's getting ready to have surgery again, now as an adult, as apparently there was a tiny bit left behind which has now been discovered.

Keep your chin up....