Any recommendations for a neurosurgeon in USA Florida south area

Hello my name is Yania , I was diagnosed with AVM last year in December . I did gamma knife but my situation is that I want to do a treatment to get pregnant and I do not have much time due to my age (42). The first neurologist I saw told me that in my case either surgery or gamma knife was ok . I was so scare when I was diagnosed that I could not decide to do surgery, so I went to the other way . After a few months I started seeing another neurologist (interventional one ) who gave more hope in doing other treatments options . I did an embolization last month after doing some angiogram a other MRI . There is a neurosurgeon in this team that meet me after my embolization and he is really recommending me to do surgery if I still plan to get pregnant as it is the only way to remove the AVM completely . I am going to see the interventional neurologist tomorrow to speak with about this topic of the surgery. I am really afraid of the surgery. My AVM is not big and is in the right parietal lobe and it is superficial . Do you know any good neurosurgeon in the USA Florida south area ?

The neurosurgeon Who removed my AVM here in Tampa but I believe he also does work in the Miami area as he teaches neurosurgery at the University of Miami also; I highly recommend him.
Dr. Mohamed Samy Elhammady


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Hello Mike and thank you . I really appreciate your answer and recommendation. I live in Miami and I know that university of Miami have very good doctors . I will consider it . I do not know anyone with this condition and this is why I registered in this website to find strength and know other people stories. It is really difficult to do research without a recommendation . Really appreciate it .


Dr Brian Hoh- Gainesville-UF

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Thank really appreciate your answer

Dr. Robert Starke,MD, PhD Neurosurgeon University of Miami Miami/Ft Lauderdale area
Met Dr. Starke recently through Linkedin. Well trained. Endovascular fellowship @ Thomas Jefferson, Fellowship also @ New Zealand. (Dr. Morgan) I presume. Look him up. Best, GK

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Thank you Greg . Actually I am looking into University of Miami neurosurgeons and I saw Dr. Starke in that list . I will consider to get an appointment with him . I have received Recomendations before of very good doctors but unfortunately in United States you need to go with whoever is your insurance network as cost of care may be really expensive. I am lucky to have good neurosurgeon in my network. Dr. Starke is there too . Hopefully I will choose the doctor that will help me in the best manner and with the best results.


Thank you
Appreciate your answer .

You are welcome, Yania. I don’t personally know Dr. Starke, but am aware of him and his qualifications thru my business. It never hurts to get another opinion and I know that Dr. Starke trained under some big name surgeons in the avm community. Best of luck. Keep us posted. GK

Thank you Greg and I will keep you posted . :slightly_smiling_face:

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Dr. Starke posted this to LinkedIn this evening. GK
In case membership to Linkedin is required to view, here is the text of his recent post:

• 1st
Neurosurgeon; Endovascular Neurosurgeon, Neuroradiology; Neuroscientist; University of Miami

My work and research is dedicated to treating AVMs and other cerebrovascular disorders. I believe I’m the only doctor in Florida that regularly practices all three treatment options: microsurgery, embolization, radiosurgery. My research is supported by many organizations including the National Institute of Health. I work at University of Miami.

Dr Hoh is a wonderful Neurosurgeon in Gainesville Fl. I’ve been to him 4 times for my DAVF. My DAVF is finally closed. It took 2 1/2yrs. & (4) procedures. Leave me a message if you needs information.

Dr. Morcos at Jackson.