Angiogram/ethanol emolization/conscious sedation procedure

I have this procedure scheduled for December 14 2015. From what my surgeon told me they with out the catheter in my shoulder and feed it down to my leg injecting dye on the way down to my right leg taking X-rays to see the avm and possible multiple avm’s. When they find an avm they mark where it is on my skin and use a syringe to inject ethanol into the area to hopefully kill off the entire nidus. They will move on to check for more. I will be conscious through this entire procedure. Has anyone had this done before?
I have had an angiogram through my groin before and it was extremely uncomfortable and painful. The surgeon hit a pocket of nerves on the way to the artery and I’ve had problems ever since. Lower back pain, foot pain and numbness, knee pain, ankle swelling, restless leg on some nights. Stretching the area helps a little bit. I’ve wanted to do yoga to see if it will help. Any ideas on pain management?

Hi there!
I'd would recommend yoga, or perhaps massage?

How did the procedure go? How are you now?
The angiogram is the worst, so uncomfortable. My bruise took forever to go away after my first one.

I'm considering this ethanol treatment, I have read that it has worked well for many. Any side effects?

Hope you are well.