Angio Cancelled Again!

Finally the day of my angio which has been cancelled twice, arrived just had the formality of checking a bed was ready for me. Phoned this morning and was told “sorry no bed” I was really @;*%
You would think a Nuero department with over 30 beds, and 6 weeks notice, would have a bed ready for me. I came off the phone and looked for something to kick! I asked when I would have my Angio and was told “it won’t be long” heard that before.
I am writing a letter to the hospital complaining about the long wait my original 6 week wait has now become 17 weeks and counting.

Kevin That is awful ! You should call ,write or whatever it takes … get them to listen , don’t let up until they do . …SO SO SORY

Wow Kevin, that’s awful! I can’t believe they wait until the day of…and then just so casually disregard your appt. Nevermind the wait and everything else that goes with that, what about the simplest part of just “scheduling” your day! I mean it isn’t like you just head out for an angio…that takes planning and rearranging of peoples days! I’d be very upset as well… I know things happen, but this is the third cancellation. Doesn’t speak highly of their ability to get things done. Should you somehow NOT take that into consideration when also assesing their ability to actually DO the procedure and CARE for you afterwards… Not feeling the love…
You and Janine need to hook up and get your letters going! She is just as pissed today as you are. I’m sure between the two of you there will be some very “interesting” words chosen for those letters!
I’m sorry that this keeps happening to you, and I hope that eventually they can get their act together so that you can move forward. Hope you found something nice and hard (and not living!) to kick your frustrations into!

Something’s wrong. While you should put time into figuring out what they did wrong, you should also investigate somewhere else to get this test run.

That just stinks, Kevin! I think that writing that letter is an excellent idea.

this is very frustrating… i hope they get their act together.

Kevin i know how u feel. canada health care is no different. i waiting a whole year to have followup with my neuro and he cancelled. said nothing changed on my one year ct angio so he didn’t need to see me. however in that year i had learned so much about avm’s and had a lot of questions and wanted a referral for treatement. but i did not get a chance to speak to him. so i wrote a long letter and am waiting for his reply. (his secretary told me he was busy when i called to talk to him) so i had no choice but to write. it is all about money not about how a patient feels and how scared we are. i have had comments from emergency doctors who have said" don’t worry if it ruptures you’ll be out cold and wont know what hit you" and "why are you worrying about this avm…you have had it all your life just didn’t know about it. don’t worry about things…how can i not worry… that is just how it is… anyways good luck in rebook of your angio. keep updating. marg.

Well, I had a phone call today offering me an angio on Tuesday!
Don’t know if it was anything to do with my letter I sent yesterday, or if my GP contacted them, as he was a bit angry when I told him, but I am more than happy especially as it will be my birthday.
Thanks for all your support

Forgot to say I still have to phone to check for a bed! Maybe I will go to the ward the day before and watch no one else takes it?

Kevin that is so funny !! …BUT MAYBE YOU SHOULD…at least you will be there to yell at then face to face .GOOD LUCK

Im so sorry am going through this myself Im so pi**ed off I to am complaining my way to the top I hope you hear positive news soon, it is good to hear its just not new zealands hosp that are crap, at least your complaining helped good luck for your angio

Kevin, that is frustrating. If you’re like me you hate all the waiting and once you make up your mind to do something it’s time to get on with it. So, I hope that they are able to do it for you on Tuesday! Will keep you in my prayers that day!

Well Tuesday came and I phoned to check my bed and NO BED!
Now I am really pissed off, I asked why and was told, with no apology really, that there were already 2 people waiting. So I phone the Radiology co-ordinator who told me my Angio was booked and she said if they have no bed it is out of thier hands.
So I ask her when I can expect another date JULY OR AUGUST unless another cancellation come up.
I said what is the point of offering me an Angio again if when I phone the ward there is no bed, to this question there was no answer.
So now I am looking at July which will be 9 months from my bleed which really is unacceptable.They did receive my letter and it has been passed on to the Directorate whatever good that will do.
So now I am writing to the Health Minister and the Nuerologist direct to see if I get anywhere, then it could be the local newspaper?
I don’t mind travelling to another hospital, Bristol is only 30 miles away, the nearest main Nuero hospital if it means having an Angio there because at the moment I can see this going nowhere. I am so angry!!!

Yes you should make whole bunch of noise …get in the paper . BETTER YET GO TO THE HOSPITAL HAND CUFF YOURSELF TO SOMETHING…have a stand off tell them you won’t leave untill you get your bed. Im sure the tv stations will come…then something will be done .We may even get to see you on UTUBE…he he lol

That is horrid our health is just as important as all the other Neuro needs out there. They should find a bed for you…don’t let them off the hook. good luck

geez… what a mess this is for you! I’m sorry that you are having to deal with this. I don’t understand “how” they have no beds? Are they completely incapable of scheduling??? Or maybe someone they think would be gone ended up with complications and had to stay? I don’t understand why they haven’t explained their “system” to you…unless there isn’t one!
Sounds like you should go to the paper. Get the story out there. Make them accountable for what they are doing. It’s not like you are going in for some elective surgery like a facelift or something!!! This is a serious procedure and a serious medical condition!!!
I’m frustrated for you… Hang in there, and make some noise!

that’s awful and very frustrating. but stay positive, it’ll be alright :slight_smile: