Aneurysm From grade 5 AVM

they found aneurysm a few inches down one of the feeding veins of my moms avm and are performing surgery today. her avm is located in the back right side of her brain on the top, roughly the size of a baseball with a 2cm diameter feeding vessel which plugs right into an artery. Dr McDougal and Dr Nekaji here at Barrow’s Neurological Institute in Phoenix have been outstanding. After Nekaji does the aneurysm today, McDougal wants to do an embolization Monday of the large feeding vessel. This all stemmed from Sunday morning when she lost control of her left arm and then it went numb. prior to this she had a seizure in January but hadn’t had any real problems prior to that. they discovered the AVM 28 years ago and told her there was nothing they could do but luckily our medicine has evolved greatly.

So glad medicine has caught up so they could operate. I will be praying for her!