Almost makes one yr

Since i found out about my avm. On Feb 14th 2011 my avm was discovered..since then i feel like my life has been put on hold/ I've been depressed became overweight, cried, been angry, that my surgery is coming up in about 5 weeks yikes i hope to change my life and start being happy. I was talking to a friend of mine about how i've been feeling. I can honsetly say i can't remember the last time i was just happy being myself. For the last 7 yrs of my life my priorities have been all over the place, from being with someone who isnt right for me, to not loving self for who i was and just damanging my body with all this extra weight....the last yr things got really ugly when i found out about my avm. I pray that i find the strenght to pick up and have a new chaper in my life. Once fully hoping to move to another apartment in July, going back to the gym and really start living life. I'm 27 yrs old and i feel so lost....its time to stop feeling bad for myself and start loving myself more

Hi Nay. You can do it! Positive thoughts and wishes!

be positive...i know its very hard BUT you really need to look at things in that perspective...God bless

Hi Nay, keep your chin up, we are all survivors here, and things can only get better, as you say your young, so live, laugh and love, Positive thoughts are going out to you, stay strong and fight this avm with everything,I will be praying for you and everyone in this group,that things get better,xxx

Anniversary" dates are always hard and I totally understand how you feel the AVM has taken over your life. What helped me was to re-phrase that feeling/thought. I decided to look at it from the perspective of a battle I was in and I was a warrior fighting against an AVM that was trying to destroy my life. And when I got treatment it was me fighting back against an enemy and I was going to be the winner and the AVM was going to be the loser. An AVM does change your life and the life you have post_AVM treatment will not be the same life you had before you were diagnosed but life is always about starting over and it's not easy but you can do it and have a richer life.

Thank u everyone! Today is a better day...
Thanks for all ur love, support and u all :)

I feel for you Nay & every day keep sending positive thoughts for you! I am excited for you to get through this surgery & start having new beginnings!! You're a strong girl & just keep believing-things will get better for you! This will all just be a dot in your long life ahead of you where you can look back and be that much stronger :) We're all here for you & yes love yourself too because you're stuck with yourself forever lol.

The truth is, you will never be the same. But you can’t drown yourself in the sorrow of that. Be excited that this experience will make you STRONGER than the president, more fearless than a soldier, and more understanding than a doctor. You will also have to be your best advocate! I tell students this all of the time. I still have weeks when I cry because of my situation and no one understands and I can’t do the things i used to. But there are those times when I see the best in all of this. And the more we boost up our awesome-ness the more others will do the same. Btw u never told me where u were having it and who is doing your surgery.

I’ll come visit you. I promise