Almost a year later

It’ll be a year on the 8th. WOW, how AVM’s change your life.
My husband is basically happy now. He has kept off the 50 lb he lost &
loves that. He has a very hard time understanding what people say to him,
but he hides it well. His friends come over & he either talks non-stop or
just agrees with everything they say!!! He can’t read & he used to be
a wonderful cook, but he hasn’t picked that back up. He has a constant headache.
But, he is much more loving & appreciative towards family & friends.
We have a 6 month old grandson who brings much joy to his life.

I will forever appreciate this Support Group. This website was my lifeline
the first few days after the bleed. I learned much more from everyone on
this website than from any doctors. Thank-you!!!

So happy to hear all is going well with your husband. I understand the reading and cooking issue; I went thru the same thing. I tried making pasta one night and my spouse asked me what I put in it. Didn’t have a clue. Now I’m better at it, but he leaves me notes, to remind me. Works great. As for reading; I read the headlines in the paper, short attention span. And with my memory loss, it makes life so much smaller and that can be a good thing. Best Wishes to you both.