A wave to @sk12345

Welcome @sk12345!

It is a pleasure to see that you have chosen to join the Ben’s Friends Community, a place where you won’t feel you are alone. By viewing the ‘general’ tab and scrolling down, you will get to learn about different people’s experiences or at the same time you can create your own post detailing your own story! It is lovely to see you are from India, I love Indian food! haha! Here you will meet people from all around the world! So please feel free to make full benefit from the site.

Also feel free to ask any questions or share any concerns you are having. We are aware that it can be a very difficult and scary time for the patients going through their recent diagnoses. I see you haven’t yet undergone treatment and so hope that you can use other people’s experiences to best decide what’s best for you!

Hope to see you around!

Roshan :smiley: