A great Article about how do deal with an illness

There is some great advice to follow in this article: I hope that many of you will read it, especially for some people newly diagnosed. http://ow.ly/gT9EM

Debra, wow, that is a great short article.

I loved the term "mind monkeys"! How true.................

Chari took her final chemo treatment last week, and she's read/practiced/known a lot of what the article said. From day 1 of finding she had cancer, she announced she was going on a safari to KILL the cancer beast (she called it a tiger). It really changed her focus.

Oh, the other quote that was posted here yesterday, which I'll copy here as I think it is great:

" I can't tell you what life holds for you.

"I can tell you this, everybody in our situation feels like they've been handed the dirty end of the stick, it's up to you to decide how long it will be before you let go." That was posted by tdz103m (no other name or I would have posted it to give him credit)

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

Glad you enjoyed it Ron. The article was excellent and everybody who is diagnosed with any big medical problem needs to read this article. It's a mind shift that in that moment, many people have a hard time doing. Btw, hope I can meet you in LA next month.

Hi Debra - Love the article - ironically, I “liked” this guy on FB.

BTW - I just noticed that you’re in the LBC…I went to a wedding there with my ex-husband. It was in my previous life, and I was constantly on the look-out for Snoop-Dog. :slight_smile: