A Dream?

Years before my AVM bleed struck me I had this dream, and
it was about my future, I guess, and I was very happy in that dream.
The strangest thing about it was that I had no clue at all that it
was not reality. In time I started to wake up, and I could not believe
that it was a dream. Do I have to go back to that same old boring life?
I fought waking up, but I had no choice, and I was soon back to my life.
It all taught me that sometimes at least we do not realize it when we are

After my AVM, I was surprised that I had not yet died. My doctor had said
that I would soon be dead, or at least brain dead. Nice choice!
When I started to recover from my AVM, unexpectedly to me,
I began to wonder if I was really back in my old life, or was I
really in a coma in some hospital or home dreaming up a lot of
unlikely things?!

My new life is to me unexpected, but I have learned that it is no dream, it is the
real deal. Also this time I am happy to have awaken, and be in such a
fine new second life! Who would have thought?


We don’t value that which we take for granted.

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Hey, John,

The system days you joined 12 years ago today. I hope it has been a good 12 years!

Very best wishes,


Yes, about that long. My AVM was in early 2002, and when I collapsed
alone in my house I was sure that this was it, and I was dying.
But relatives soon came home and found me, and called an ambulance for me.
If you had told me I would live to at least 2020, I would not have believed you
for a second. I was a member of Dr. Maple"s online AVM group, until his death
several years later.