A day without meds

It was completely by accident.
I didn't even know I forgot to take my meds (keppra and baclofen) until I was standing in the middle of the laundry area of our house (about 8 hours late on my first dose). I was just standing there doing absolutely nothing, just standing there....no thoughts, no nothing. I had one of those, "what was I just doing?" moments again. Totally freaked me out but I just went on to do the laundry not wanting my husband to flip and I needed to look like I knew what I was doing before even though I felt lost and clueless.
I pulled the laundry out of the dryer and next thing I knew, only halfway done with clearing out the dryer, I was out of breath and completely exhausted. I zoned out twice while folding because of course, I refused to sit down. Then I had a horribly horrible and ugly mood swing where I yelled at my oldest for absolutely no reason. Then I got dizzy. But I kept on folding. Then I felt nauseaus, but I kept on folding. It felt so mechanical and strange.
So, I finished the laundry, yay! Later that night -this was 2 days ago or so I don't remember when exactly. I zoned out again while standing AGAIN. So, I got the hint and chilled out. The next day, after I took my meds, I did some research but from I found I shouldn't have had those kinds of effects after missing only one day of meds. I will tell my doctor, of course, I see my PCP on the 19th and I will ask him about it, see if he thinks I should call my neuro for an earlier appt (my next appointment is in Jan.)
The thing that freaks me out is that it was only ONE DAY. Obviously something was happening. And I was excited because my neuro said it sounded like my "possible" petites were no longer an issue so I might get off Keppra in a year or two. Now I'm super doubtful. Maybe it was the baclofen? It does cause seizures if you stop taking it. But I don't think I've been taking it long enough for that to be a concern. And I've been on Keppra for over a year so I think one missed day wouldn't have that big of an effect but maybe I'm wrong??? Maybe it wasn't a seizure at all and if it was why on earth did it take a whole day to happen?
What do ya'll think????

Hi Kristi,

I say this completely with love: CHILL.

There are at least several things that can cause or increase the risk of seizures: Drinking more than one drink as it can interfere with your anti-S meds, Skipping meals, becoming overly tired, and oh yeah, S T R E S S...........................

When I read your note, all I saw was STRESS.

Most likely, skipping one day's meds is not that big a deal as it takes anti-S meds some days to work up to strength, which tells me it would take several days for it to become ineffective.

Now, if you get a little (grin) worked up over things, all bets are off.

Your health is priority #1. If laundry doesn't get folded, big deal. REST, take care of yourself, and in the future, you might get back to your old self.

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS

Hi Kristi,
Ron spoke words of wisdom & the most important thing for you is to take the best care of you while you heal. :)
If you have friends, family or even trusted neighbors to lend a hand, all the better.
Housework is very 'patient!' lol, but if you're running out of clean clothes, toss in a load between naps/rest, then lay back down.
Also, those weekly pill dispensers are great as reminders of when or if we've taken the right dose at a glance.
Take care.

Well, see that's the thing, I wasn't stressed. I've been having some pretty decent days. My new sleep schedule and weight gain diet have been working in my favor. I take my meds on time most days (sometimes an hour or two late). I didnt/don't think missing one day would have any effect especially not after looking it up and it seems like you must miss a string of doses for any real "happenings" to occur. I haven't been depressed, or not overly depressed, just that mood swing that day. I haven't been OVERLY tired but have been a wee bit extra sleepy but I just nap to make up for that (I don't recall napping that day but hell, I can't even remember what day this happened LOL).
I don't think I was doing laundry to begin with. I think I was just walking by the space; it's in a large closet in a dining room like area but we leave it empty because the doors swing out wide and really make no sense as there's no room for a table with those damn doors. So, I'm pretty confident I was just walking through when I "zoned" out like that. Laundry was the only excuse I could think of to cover up the wandering around once I "came to" and was trying to figure out what the hell happened. I have no idea if it was even a seizure or just some freak incident. I really don't know and the more I try to remember the more detail I feel like I'm forgetting:/