A cold

so i have had this cough for a week now an cough so much an is it ok with avm in brain really worried about it should i go to dr

I'm no dr. but, I would try some over the counter cough syrup first and see if that takes care of it. Is there any chance you may have allergies? That can cause you to have a persistent cough as well. If it continues, then I would suggest you see your dr. about it.

In reference to your avm:/ A mild cough doesn't seem to have any effect them. From what I've experienced and read. However, a more agresive type of cough could put some extra pressure on the brain and that is something to be concerned about.


Yes, you should go to the doc. Not neuro but GP. If anything you should get cough syrup because I bet that cough is making your head hurt.

Hi Tricia you should call your doctor first. Then go to a General Practioner Doctor or urgent care.

I have a cough too, it's been about two weeks since I let it bother me before seeking help. I swear my avm was literally pulsating. My neuro said to stay away from phenylephedrine and aspirins. Mucinex DM was recommended. It has suppressed it quite well ;)