24hrs after lumbar drain clamp no headaches.... BUT

as the title says i survived 24 hours after they clamped my drain without getting pressure headaches i was feeling so positive about possibly not needing a shunt which would mean i wil be home end of next week after my cerebral angiogram. now i wake up, nt with a headache but with csf built up in between my forehead skin and bone, my surgeon came round on his ward round to see me just now and said that m still going to need a shunt :'( so i asked im how long willi be waitin in hospital for until i get one in which he replied "it wont be today but i will speak to Cudlip (my consultant)
im sooooo fed up seems every time something positive happens and makes me believe i will be out very soon, something bad happens! to pro long my stay in hospital, its a vicious circle and i cant escape. IM SOOO FED UP! has this build up between the skin and bone after bone flap replacement and lumbar drain ever happened to anyone else?

I understand your frustration Kyle. A lot of things in this recovery seem like 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. I tried to never get my hopes up whenever the doctors told me anything. You must try to be patient, as hard as it is. I was in the hospital 2 weeks longer thant I was originally told. Don't rush your recovery and all of the little steps along the way to get you there.

an update for you guys im just got back from theatre after having a lumbar shun placed observations are fine and operation went well, i have a small cut on my back and a litte larger one on my abdomen which hurts more than my head ever has (having my hed cut open in the past for frontal bone flap removal and then 3 months after i had bone flap replacement)
im sooo happpy now i am inches away from getting home with my amazing girlfriend