22 Years since my AVM Brain Bleed June 25th, 1990

It's been almost 22 years now, so many changes and obstacles when though those times. Boy oh boy so many memories are still clear to me now. So many people teachers though the years. I was a very confused and very angry cute child that did not deserve this tramantic thing happened to me. Before the AVM in 1990 my hands and legs are just like everybody's else. But after the bleed the weakness on my right side was weak forever, it's like a part of me was missing of me and sometimes it still does, but there is nothing i can do about. When i was a little boy was very negitive to myself, it's like i blame it on myself, but not really anymore. I changed when i was growing up my behavior, there where times that i was very extremely hard to handle, believe me i remember it so well. I can tell you my childhood for hours and hours lol. This will always a long as i live will be in my memory bank.