13yrs of survival after AVM surgery & some light at the end of the tunnel

Dear all.....firstly i would like to apologise for my unacceptable behaviour & closed mindset in my previous instances & as a result paid the cost of being away from you lovely people all these days. I am genuinely sorry. I am now much more stable & open for suggestions.

I underwent an AVM Right Frontal surgery at the age of 15 yrs in the year 2001 & then slipped into coma & lost 98% of my memory power. The memory damage was so severe I could not multi task & also limped 13yrs of my life coping with peer pressure & managed to finish my graduation in finance in first class from one of the premium institutions in Bangalore. but ultimately when i joined the Job Industry I was unable to multi-task & faced lot of issues & quit jobs every 4 months in 5 MNCs & hid it with my next interviewer. As a ripple effect hid from social life & lost exposures on many stuff & lead a frustrated lonely life & venting out all my anger with my family.

Most of the attempts we had made to seek Medical professional help failed as they were lengthy investigations & did not get the satisfaction of being understood in the right perspective.

Finally after postponing for 13 yrs chose to be unemployed & started a formal COGNITIVE REHABILITATION using professional help in Dec 2013. Now I am 4 months old in the rehab.

My cognitive ability & Memory is improved 50%. We still have 2 more months of these sessions in rehab.
I had disclosed all my previous employment history on a social network & explained my circumstances to my supportive previous managers from whom i was hiding & they understood me.
My depression has reduced 10% though 90% of it still exists.
The way I used to vent violently has changed now & I am relatively stable & calm.
As I am in the last 2-3 months of rehab, I still am in a challenging phase & face lots of mood swings, depression, uncertainty about career, but determined to reach the finish line this time after postponing for 13 yrs.

Thanks for all your love & support.

Bangalore, India.

Welcome, Santhosh. We are here to support you.

Thank you so much Louisa :)

Your discussion posting is very well written, Santhosh. You have certainly been working hard and I agree this community is composed of lovely people. I look forward to more of your postings.

We're proud of you, Santhosh. Welcome back!

Welcome back Santhosh! I am so proud of you that you seek Rehabilitation after all these years. That is the proof that it is never too late! I am happy that you are a little less depressed. We are here to support you. Its good to hear from you again :)

Thank you so much Susan :)

Thanks a lot Dancermom :)

Thank you so much Dandelionwishes :)

It goes without saying we are all behind you and support you 100%...may God bless you my friend

Thank you so much Adrian :)