1 year anniversary

Hi all! Today marks my one year brain surgery anniversary. Do any of you celebrate or do any special when these days come up? How many of you noticed anything since getting a craniotomy?

Monica...From what I know...everyone who has had a brain surgery celebrates that day! To many it feels like we were born again! Yes, many of us have changes since the craniotomy. In different ways...but still a change. Celebrate your Anniversary!

Happy one year anniversary. My family and I plan to always celebrate my daughter’s brain surgery as it comes. This was her second chance at life. It is important to us just as it is for you. Good luck to you and your future.

Hey Monica congrats on your one year and God Bless!

Congrats on your 1 year, and many more to come. I don’t exactly celebrate, more like, “take that! AVM b@$t@rd”

LOL I like the way you think!

Hi John! Thank you so much.

Hi Selina! I totally agree, This definitely is a second chance at life. Take care and best wishes!

Hi Louisa! Thanks for sharing :)

Hi Monica - I had a tongue AVM and I celebrate the date of that operation, which is now over 6 years ago. I think quite a few of us remember the date of our operator/procedure, as it has changed us in many ways, whether it is physically or emotionally. I usually celebrate by going out for a great meal or doing something that makes me really happy on that day. How will you be celebrating Monica?

Hi Debra! Thanks for sharing :) I went put of town for the day and tried out some new food also did a little shopping.

Hoping all is well!


Nice Monica. Shopping is always a great way to top off a day to celebrate. Great idea and I think I will have to add that to my day too :)

Whoops.. I meant out of town not put lol yes! shopping is always fun for girls :) its always nice to be treated or to even treat yourself :)

Congratulations to you! I don't celebrate it but I certainly note it on FB.

Thank you, kind sir! Hope you're doing great!

Best wishes & Take care


Great to here Monica, you celebrate! Take Care and all the best to you.

Hi Monica, I would agree that most ppl celebrate their surgery anniversaries…I celebrate my surgery & bleed every year as they are only a month apart… Enjoy it it is a time in life you should reflect and enjoy… God bless!

Thanks JD! Hope you're having a great weekend :)


Hi Adrian! Nice :) It's like having additional birthdays it seems.

Hope you're having a great weekend!


Hello Monica
And Congrats and you should definitely celebrate!
I celebrate my 1st stroke date which was in March of 2011 and my 1st Angio/embolism which was Jan of 2012.
I feel like I am a cat with nine lives and have used up a few already.
even though I am not able to be as physical as I used to be I am thankful that I can walk again feed myself etc - the small things that we all used to take for granted.

I also feel through my health issues even though they are rare people with health issues have some common problems pain, not sleeping, having lost some mobility and some who can not communicate as before. So I have unofficially become a patient advocate for others. recently on my neighborhood website a woman had been recovering from double knee surgery and had to have emergency gall bladder surgery. She was still having lots of pain after a month and asked me to go with her to see her surgeon because she felt that they were not going to do anything for her.

I went with her and was able to get her surgeon to order an ultra sound and blood work stat. She was also on pain meds and was not able to grasp everything that the surgeon was saying - which I know I like to have someone there when I am at the doctors cause when you are the patient you tend to get overwhelmed and tune things out.
Happy surgery anniversary!